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NO IAU Boundaries Needed for Announcing the 3rd Chodesh.

Blow the Shofar in the day! The first day of the 3rd Chodesh is May 18th, 2023.

We are entering into a new chapter of discovery. Having now discovered the unreliability of the IAU boundaries we have pressed forward to ascertain the true boundaries.

The Lord’s prayer has been such a gift to not just say it but to meditate on every word. I am reminded every day “thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven”. Boundaries were established on earth, and they were established in the heavens as well.

Elohim’s principles can be applied to many situations in our lives. The bible repeats often in both the older and the newer testaments, follow "the straight and narrow path". There is also the instruction "not to lean to the left nor the right". So, what is there in the heavens that could support such an instruction?

If we used the IAU boundaries the sun entered The Bull on May 14, 22:18:55. I would therefore, in the past said to blow the shofar in the day of May 15th. But since we are now questioning using these imposed boundaries established in 1930, we started looking at other data. The straight and narrow path kept tugging at me. I began to look at the data over the course of several days forward and backward from May 14th. What I found was that every day there is some adjustment in the sun's position around "high noon". I was drawn to the 180-degree line which is referred to as the Prime Meridian. When embracing Elohim's character, I had discovered while doing my research that Elohim also does some extraordinary things in prime years (not easily seen using Gregorian years). If you have been watching "The 7 Millenniums of God" series, you will see that often we see that Elohim draws our attention to a central point. We already knew that the sun traveled on the ecliptic path. On a particular day the sun reaches the center point on these two invisible lines. I know that His timing is perfect, right down to the second so we need to look for the sun's placement at 0hour 00minute 00.0 second, or at least to its center point bearing in mind we must reach the lowest number possible in order for it to be "set apart" from any other day. It appears that daily observation was truly required in the past. Afterall, we do ask our Lord to “give us this day our daily bread”. Many can apply this to reading scripture/going to the word daily can produce much fruit. Here they and we are, "reading" the heavens, daily. But it is not only the sun that plays its part in this decision, but also foretold by a star in the evening. The star that announces the 3rd Chodesh is Notus 1 in the constellation Draco. Read more in the next blog.

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Truth Quest
Truth Quest
Nov 19, 2023

Hi Lisa,

I am following up from my comment on your Youtube video Rediscovering Elohim's Timepiece - Part 2 "The Flood"

Below is a screen shot from Stellarium which is for Jerusalem 18/05/23 2:06:22 am, which should match your Starry Night rendition you produced.The only difference I think is the elevation, Stellarium says 786m where Starry Night Pro says 6m. As far as I understand the elevation should not make such a great difference.

You will notice that Meridian (green line) and the Ecliptic (yellow/ orange line) intersect somewhere in Gemini, Nodus 1 is not in the picture it is literally light years away! The boundary which is a redline and is barely perceptible in this graphic shows tha…

Feb 26
Replying to

I apologize for not seeing this comment earlier. I went back and rechecked the time for this chodesh and it still holds for May 18th, 2023. Forgive me if it is not clear. I am using the Prime Meridian (the straight and narrow path). In the days of Moses they would have used the stars between the evenings. Unfortunately the lights in the heavens haven't all held to their positions(imho). So the attempt to determine the Rosh chodesh using the stars was hit or miss. It would be necessary to find the patterns during the Exodus and see if we can see those same patterns today. At best the 1st, 2nd and 7th chodeshim may still be holding their course…

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