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2024-2025 Timepiece

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Elohim's Timepiece

Elohim's timepiece is made up of 12 signs. When the sun enters the gates of one sign and lodges there as it travels through the constellation. The word used in scripture for this period of time is called a chodesh.  The plural of this word is chodeshim.  Every English bible translation uses the word "month" or "new moon", but this is its traditional interpretation.  We will upload each of the chodeshim for the calendar year 2023 as we gather the information using celestial software.  We have no doubt that Moshe and Joshua knew how to reckon this time. 

A variety of calendars have been in use since the beginning of time. But what if God's chosen people have forgotten the ancient ways of recording God's time? Can we find our way back using scripture? Can the qahal/ekklesia/saints unite on such a calendar? We'll take a close look at the Hebrew word "chodesh", translated in English as "month" in this teaching. YeHovah has hidden information for us to find. We must come to trust that this information is revealed by the Spirit of YeHovah and at its proper time.

(WLC 81:4) תִּקְעוּ בַחֹדֶשׁ שׁוֹפָר בַּכֵּסֶה לְיוֹם

Psalms 81:3 tells us to blow the shofar "in the chodesh".  The letter bet, בַ preceding the word, Chodesh, means "in". The letter lamed, לְ is a prefix for to, towards, and placed before the word yom, יוֹם meaning day. It does not appear that this blowing must be done on the first second, or minute of the first day of the chodesh, only in or towards the day.

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