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Elohim's ways are not man's ways. We invite you to celebrate this New Year Elohim's way. Join us and return to the ancient paths. 


Thus says יְהוָה : “Stand in the roads and look. Ask for the ancient paths— where the good way is—and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We won’t walk in it.’

                                                                 Jeremiah 6:16

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Updated November 24, 2023

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The Scales

The first day, rosh chodesh 

October 30th

 2023 this solar year.

(The IAU boundaries are NOT in agreement for this chodesh in 2023)



Azimuth +180° 0.178'

(SNP) Starry Night Pro (10/28/23 data)

Using the 1st Temple Period Method of Reckoning Days

The 1st Day of the 8th Chodesh 


The 24th day of the war over Israel. The star often referred to as Jupiter is otherwise known as Tzedek, the righteous one.  This light is under the feet of the Ram and has been for some time.  Unfortunately this light will only move out from under the feet of the Ram about the evening of the new moon this chodesh, but does not leave the sign of the Ram entirely for another 168 days!  In other words, this war could go on for 205 days, and the results may not be what some are expecting.  We've stopped the count at 40 days (above) so as not to make a false statement.  But surely Elohim puts His people through sever testing for at least 40 measures.  Five times 40 is 200.  We shall all see.  As we attempt to learn the ancient paths may it bring us comfort to know that everything is in HIS control.  There is no question that this is all for a purpose.  Perhaps the purpose is for HIS people to come to the final conclusion that no one will bring them the peace they seek EXCEPT from HIM, and HIM ALONE.

The name Wasat (pronunciation: /ˈweɪsət/) is Arabic for “middle.” It may be a reference to the star’s position  in the middle of the sign, The Twins. (Gemini). This is the star that we believe announces the coming of the next day's Rosh Chodesh for the 8th Chodesh.  There  will be a day when all will be judged (The scales of Justice) and it is not good enough to be lukewarm
(in the middle). Revelation 3:15 says that it is better to be hot or cold, but not in between.

Delta Geminorum is the eighth brightest point of light in Gemini and just barely makes the list of the 300 brightest stars in the sky.
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7th Chodesh 2023


8th Chodesh 2023

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9th Chodesh 2023

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