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Elohim's ways are not man's ways. We invite you to celebrate this New Year Elohim's way. Join us and return to the ancient paths. 


Thus says יְהוָה : “Stand in the roads and look. Ask for the ancient paths— where the good way is—and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We won’t walk in it.’

                                                                 Jeremiah 6:16

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The Archer Antique Constellation Prints.png

The Archer

Updated January 6, 2023

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The first day, rosh chodesh 
December 12th
2023 this solar year.
(The IAU boundaries are NOT in agreement for this chodesh in 2023)

(S) Stellarium 
Azimuth 180° 00'01.1"

Refining the Timepieces


  The 1st Day of the 10th Chodesh


The Month of Tevet 


The column above that is titled "Jerusalem Time" will now show the month that is traditionally observed by most who are using the moon for observation as to "what time is it" in comparison to what day it is using the sun. They are both important. So can we stop arguing about which is the "right" calendar?  We are of the opinion that we all should. Because even the Roman calendar, be it Julian, or Gregorian is useful.  Remember this verse? 

Colossians 1:16

For by him all things were created, in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or rulers or authorities—all things were created through him and for him.


While working on the 4th millennium project, Yom 4, and taking the time to read the specific days and years in scripture and applying them to Stellarium it has revealed that using both the sun/HIS WAY and the moon/MAN'S WAY brings to light some very wonderful associations, including dates on the Julian calendar.  Everything is about relationship.  The sun and the moon work together.  It is our belief that using only the moon, or only the sun would not be useful when a second witness is needed.  This still might be confusing for some.  But as we continue to pull the 4th millennium research into PowerPoint slides and then later into videos, we hope that this will all bring more to support what was, is, and will be. We will be showing you specific dates and the repetition of some for very important events. For now...we are hard at work doing just that, completing Yom 4.

Scales and Scorpio Antique Constellation Prints.png

9th Chodesh 2023

The Archer Antique Constellation Prints.png

10th Chodesh 2023

Goat Antique Constellation Prints.png

11th Chodesh 2023

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