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Elohim's ways are not man's ways. We invite you to celebrate this New Year Elohim's way. Join us and return to the ancient paths. 


Thus says יְהוָה : “Stand in the roads and look. Ask for the ancient paths— where the good way is—and walk in it. Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, ‘We won’t walk in it.’

                                                                 Jeremiah 6:16

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The Bull

Updated May 13, 2024

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The first day, rosh chodesh 
May 17th
2024 this solar year.
(The IAU boundaries are NOT in agreement for this chodesh in 2024)

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Counting The Omer to Shavuot

Perhaps you're excited to embrace the appointed times mentioned in scripture. But after following what others have been sharing with you you dig deeper and find out there are different opinions. Not just what calendar to follow but what day does the count of the Omer begin?  We thought the answer was straightforward. But come to find out, it isn't.  It was only this past month when I read a post on Facebook from Itzhak Shapira that caused me to pause. Since then I have discovered that there have been at least 4 different ways to interpret Lev 23:15 

And from the day on which you bring the sheaf of elevation offering– the day after the sabbath — you shall count off seven weeks. They must be complete:

Which Sabbath is the instruction directing our attention to? There are 4 interpretations as to when to start the count:

1. Start on the 1st day of the week, after the 7-day festival (practiced by Essenes, Sadducees, Samaritans)

2. The 1st day of the week during the festival of Matzot (practiced by Karaite Jews)

3. Because the day after the Pesach meal is a rest day, the count begins on the 16th day of the month of Nisan (practiced by Philo, Josephus, Pharisees, and Rabbis)

4. On the 1st day after the entire 7-day festival of Matzot is over (practiced by Beta Israel/Falasha/Ethiopian Jews).

The spreadsheet here shows the 4 different ways to man has interpreted this instruction. But since our research shows that all things are in relationship to one another we thought we'd let you see these in real time so that you might decide for yourselves and see how all these different interpretations fall in line with other events as shown.  Leave a comment if you have an opinion. 

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For more on this topic we recommend reading the article found at

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2nd Chodesh 2024

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3rd Chodesh 2024

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4th Chodesh 2024

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