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Fifty and Seven Days

Here is a meme that needs a bit of an explanation. Most of us recall the total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024. When one includes April 8th as the first day of warning the 40th day falls on May 17th. Counting the days as we believe Moses did, May 17th is the first day of the third chodesh. This is also true for some that are using the waxing Crescent because they did not add a 13th month/Adar II. The reason they did not add a 13th month was because there were reports that the barley was in fact aviv in certain areas of Israel. But tradition begins a year in Nisan. Back in the days of Moses aviv (not the name of the month but rather an agricultural term) and Nisan were in the same time span. However, because of the progression of the equinoxes that is not true for every age. But we will agree that beginning the year with the first day of Nisan is indeed Man's way. This meme uses His way, as we understand it. Therefore, on the third day of the third chodesh it will be Shavuot. On May 19th we will have completed our 50-day count.

The thunder and lightning appeared to the mixed multitude with Moses on the third day of the third chodesh, the giving of the torah. But moons are for appointed times.

Moving forward to the seventh day we arrive at a full moon which is May 23rd. Noach received a seven-day warning. We believe that Miriam, mother of Yeshua, also received a seven-day warning and we will elaborate on that later. May 23, 2024, is also the day of a conjunction of Jupiter and Venus. May 23rd also had a full moon in the 3rd chodesh in the 1st year of the Exodus. But in this case, it was on the 7th day and when he called to Moses out of the middle of the cloud. 

We have not yet finished completely in order to be able to publish in a video format the historical implications of the convergence of Jupiter and Venus and the details of the Exodus. What we have completed thus far and scheduled is Yom 4 (Part 1) and (Part 2). They will be released on May 17th and May 19th respectively.

Our research found that the convergence of these same two planets occurred in relationship to Yeshua’s birth and again on the day that the Magi visited the child. One difference is that the convergence of Jupiter and Venus will not be in the same sign this year. We think this conjunction is significant. This year it is in the Bull. Some believe the bull represents Ephraim because of the blessing that Jacob gave over his grandson.  America has often been viewed as the land where Ephriam was largely dispersed to.

The total solar eclipse of April 8th and the planetary parade on that same day and the second planetary alignment fifty and seven days later all have a focus on the Americas. In fact, the second planetary parade is going to be best viewed in the state of New York. We don't want to slander a particular state because all have fallen short of the glory of God but there are certain practices and artifacts in New York State that exist that need to be destroyed. We believe these things have proved to be a snare to not just a few but to an entire nation.

What we have found through working on the Yom 4 study is finding patterns. I think one of the greatest insights through this research has come in regard to the conversation between Moses and YHVH. Moses asked if he could see YHVH’s face. He said no.  

“And I will take away my hand, and you shall see my back parts אָחוֹר but my face shall not be seen”. 

Upon reflecting on this it gave me pause that it is perhaps not for us to know what is for certain, as in knowing in an intimate way, what will be happening ahead on a specific date. However, it will be available for us in hindsight.  The Hebrew word אָחוֹר can mean "backward". We will be able to look back on Him and what He has done, and it will be totally supported in scripture.  Hence, we run a great risk when we want to set dates and times looking forward. Recently there has been an uptick of "rapture" talk.

It's true we are in the last days and for some, that last day might be tonight. But there are still things that must be accomplished as written in the scriptures and those things have not yet all transpired. There are things coming in the years ahead. Not so many years left, but still be very careful in making a proclamation that this year is “the year! “

What we do know is that the Antichrist still must arrive. I personally feel that based on the criteria and the patterns he is among us right now. But much like Judas that spirit has not entered him quite yet. So even if I were to tell you who I think it is, I would tell you now that I don't think he even knows he's the one. So again, be careful. Do not slander. We are called to be watchman and to be alert. Even Yeshua, who knew that Judas was going to betray him did not announce this to those that were there at the supper. He kept it close to himself.

America as well as the other nations will all be called to make an accounting. And the birth pains are no longer Braxton Hicks. We're going to start feeling the real hard labor pains. For some they have already felt it. If things should happen on some of these highlighted dates that we have put forth, know that there is more coming.

Be a watchman but also share the gospel, share the joy, be a light and let others know who the king of kings and Lord of Lords is. Be a faithful servant and serve him with a willing heart and with truth and grace to all whom you meet.

You represent Him, the את is in you. Amein

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