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Our New Website

In response to a growing number of requests we have finally added a website to The Disciples Table.

This new means of communication will include some of the following:


  1. New video uploads to our channel

  2. Images capturing the Rosh Chodesh (first day of the chodesh) over Jerusalem.

  3. A link is provided so that one can convert the Jerusalem time given to their own time zone.

  4. Highlight corrections, and/or new information that will benefit the community.

Provide a Reference Page for Each of the Chodeshim

  1. Pages will include days of the week, the number day in the chodesh, as well as special mention for any holy days and or activity that has been given special mention in the scriptures.

Listing of All YouTube Videos

This will serve as a quick reference for where information might be found. There has also been several requests for transcripts of each of the videos. This is not yet possible. But all things are possible....

Contact Us/Email

We don't want to discourage anyone from posting comments in the YouTube forum section. Please continue. However, some may have more to say. We are excited to now offer another means of communication with The Disciples Table. Afterall, when we get together at the table there should be so much to talk about.

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