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No Man Knows The Day or The Hour

Updated: Jan 23

On January 25, 2024, there will be a full moon over Jerusalem in the 11th chodesh. The 1st full moon in 2024. The Wolf Moon in the sign of the Lion. When we read the bible, we learn that there was a prophet, a leader, one who would lead HIS people out of the bondage of slavery.  We are told when he died, in the 11th chodesh.  His last days.  Unlike other individuals in scripture, we are also told about his first days.  First and last. 


Unfortunately, many translations, including the Masoretic text read:

“the woman conceived, and bare a son: and when she saw him that he was a goodly child, she hid him three months. (Exo 2:2)

All these translations miss the significance of this one verse.

The Masoretic text with it’s vowel pointing system has determined that it was three (שְׁלֹשָׁה) months. But the word translated as “months” is יְרָחִים   This word is moons in Hebrew. The word typically translated for months is חֹדֶשׁ -"chodesh".

So was it three months or three moons? It makes a difference. If it was months, then we would argue that Moses was about 62 days old when he was released into the waters of the Nile.  But if it was moons then it would be more likely to have been 89 days.

How did we come up with that? Scripture tells us that “He appointed the moon for appointed times…” Psalm 104:19. Someone as important as Moses wouldn’t just show up anytime, but rather at an appointed time.

There is something unique about this full moon in the 11th chodesh also in the sign of The Lion, the wolf moon. It’s timing.

Are you familiar with Matthew 24:36 and Mark 13:32?  When Yeshua answered their questions, he spoke truthfully. It is only that man’s reasoning is flawed.  For if Moses was born at the appointed time, and that time was during the full moon? Ladies, just how often have you heard of the influence the full moon has on the birth of a child? In 2024, there was a staggering 50% increase in the number of babies born on a full moon compared to previous years. Analysis of birth records revealed that most full moon births occurred between the hours of 12:00 am and 6:00 am. This pattern suggests a potential influence of the moon's gravitational pull during the nighttime hours.

When was Moses born, if, on a full moon? No one knows the day or the hour. The full moon in the 11th chodesh was in its full moon stage from January 28 22:29:55 through January 29 0:40:25. So there is no telling which day or in which hour Moses was born. Fascinating. Can we apply this understanding to the coming of the Son of Man, we’d like to think so.

If one agrees that the moon is for appointed times, then from either January 28 or 29 we now must consider the argument over three chodeshim or three moons. If we use the sun as our marker as to when to begin a chodesh (we are using the timepiece that we believe Moses was using BEFORE the 4th millennium) then the 11th chodesh was ending in 4-5 days. Do we count the 4-5 days as inclusive to the 3? The 12th chodesh began on February 2nd that year, followed by the 1st chodesh March 7th, and the 3rd chodesh began March 31st. On March 31st he would have been 62-63 days old. 

At this age, his development might include:

1.       More coordinated eye movements, more focused and targeted

2.       Increased head and neck control

3.       Mini pushups

4.       Recognizes voices and loves to listen to talk or song. 

5.       Cooing

6.       Smiling

7.       Hands to mouth

We understand that the Egyptians and the Hebrews in the region were not reckoning time this way. They did not recognize chodeshim before the exodus, but they did know when a full moon was in place.  That leads us to the alternative of:

1st full moon - January 28-29

2nd full moon - February 27

3rd full moon - March 28 and

4th full moon 

Yes, the 4th full moon. For she hid him for 3 moons [cycles].  So, we might conclude that on the 4th she released him into the waters of the Nile.

Here are two points of significance.

1.   Yeshua was born and released from the waters that flowed from Mary in the 4th millennium, 4th “day”. The 4th moon is an alternative to consider.

2.    Secondly the 4th full moon arrived on April 26th 22:13:47 through April 27th 0:20:9. This 4th full moon also has the distinction of falling on 2 different days and hours. No man knows the day or the hour that Moses was released into the waters of the Nile, but only the Father.


If Moses was placed in the “basket” at the time of the 4th full moon Moses could have been 88-89 days old. Perhaps he was discovered on the 90th day.

From a child development point of view Moses would be able to:

1.   Recognize his mother from a farther distance.

2.   The length between feedings has stretched out and he may have a more predictable feeding routine.

3.   A child at this age sleeps more at night now, and he may even start sleeping longer stretches at night— some babies even sleep through the night at this stage.


There is more to this story, and we will endeavor to share it with you in the Yom series that we continue to work on.  Shalom and do take care. This is going to be a year to remember.

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